Big News! The time has come for my first publicity!

Finally one of my watercolour paintings will be printed in a book about Edinburgh. So far this publisher has released an Artbook for Cambridge. Book launch for Oxford will take place in September this Year. As a result, next Year I will fly to Scotland for an official book launch! Happy Days!

Below I am showing a message received from the publisher.

“It was a hugely difficult job for the panel of experts who met in Edinburgh last week. We had to narrow down over 500 images (From 91 artists) to 65. They loved your work, thought it will look great in print and will compliments the portfolio of other images chosen.”

Original watercolour painting selected for the Edinburgh Art Book you can buy HERE

The Cowgate

“Following the success of The Cambridge Art Book ‘A book to treasure’ Stephen Fry and The Oxford Art Book ‘A treasury of new ways of seeing’ Jeremy Paxman, which shows Cambridge and Oxford through the eyes of the artists it inspires. Edinburgh will next delight us with what it has to offer.

The City Art Books, apart from being things of beauty are a great opportunity for artists of all ages to have their work in print. This will result in gaining the artistic exposure. The Edinburgh Art Book will be the third in the series. We are delighted to invite artists with a connection/who have found inspiration in the city of Edinburgh to submit images free for consideration. The submission process is quick, easy and free.”


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